Could you explain to our readers when you decided to become a politician?
I’m not quite sure if it was any kind of decision it just happened. I have already made up my mind not to become a politician (my father and my grandfather had been politicians and I valued them as a childperspective) but still somehow it fascinated me and here I am.

Did you have strong political beliefs during your youth?
No, not strong political belifs but strong sense of fairness.

Was the choice of becoming a “full time politician” difficult to make?

As I said before I knew also the negative sides of being politician (from my family) and I thought really thoroughly wheather it was the kind of life I really wanted to have.

How could you present The Finnish Social Democratic Party to our readers who don’t know it?
It is international party, member of Socialist International. Main ideas is freedom, equality and solidarity. It was founded over 100 years ago and still it has the mission.

If you had to describe this party with 5 words…
international, responsible, human, equal, strong values

What are the positive and negative aspects of being a politician?
positive: there is no two days similar, it is interesting to meet all kind of people and to have an opportunity to influence decisions and to have wide information almost about anything you ever want to know.

negative: is there? you should be around 24 hours per day.

Do you consider it as a profession or is it more than that?
It is more like lifestyle.

If you had the possibility to totally change your profession. What would you choose?
No idea!

Why do you think that in Europe people become less and less interested in politics?
If I knew the answer we wouldn’t be wondering this problem. Do the people and the politicians talk different language? Is it the way that some things just happen no matter what politicians says? Too many questins too few answers, futurechallenges with this problem are large,wide and important.

How do you explain the results of Mister Tony Halme during the last Parliamentary elections? Do you think that he was elected for his ideas or for other reasons?
I think he was elected because of his ideas and because those people didn’t find the answers from the traditional partys. Tony Halme is known as “tough guy” and voters might have thougt that if Tony is MP he is going to put every other MPs and that way certain things in order. He represents the extreme right and we have seen those movements rise around the Europe.

What are your professional or personal projects for the future?
Professional project -to do my job as well as I can, not to let any voters down.
Personal project – to be a better person and that way be able to give more light and joy to others.