Could you explain to our readers when you decided to become a politician?
I didn’t especially decide to become a politician. Since youth I have always participated different kind of activities for example school and student politics.

Did you have strong political beliefs during your youth?
As a student I really have thought my political view because in 60’s we had strong left wing in student politics.

Was the choice of becoming a “full time politician” difficult to make?
To settle as a candidate at the parliamentary election was a natural decision after my step-by-step political career. I have been with both local and regional political decision-making organisations and also in different positions in my own party.

If you had to describe your political convictions with 5 words…
Equality, tolerancy, truthfulness, equality of possibilities (for example to study), commitment.

How could you present the National Coalition Party to our readers who don’t know it?
National Coalition Party is a center-right-party in finnish political map and its basic values are responsibility, the equality of possibilities, moniarvoisuus and entrepreunership.

As a member of the Parliament, what will be your priorities for the near future?
Better employment, prevention of social displacement, reconciliation of work and familylife and good and effective healthcare.

What are the positive and negative aspects of being a politician?
It is positive to have the possibility to get information and knowledge about different sides of society and societal issues and also possibilities to remedy social grievances. To be “a public animal” without privacy is negative, also underestimation of politics and politicians is sad.

Do you consider it as a profession or is it more than that?
To be a poltician needs professional attitude, it means fulltime job, but it cannot longlife profession because of unpredictable voters.

If you had the possibility to totally change your profession. What would you choose?
It had something to do with socialpolitics either in public or NGO-sector, because my previous profession was socialdirector in the city of Turku.

Why do you think that in Europe people become less and less interested in politics?
The economic resources are limited, but during the election campaigns politicians are used to promise more than it is realistic. The voters are dissapointed with empty promises.

What should be done to change this situation?
Simply less empty promisies -more action.

What are your professional or personal projects for the future?
To become once more elected as a member of parliament.