Could you explain to our readers when you decided to become a politician?
I decided to come a politician because the public health care in Finland was in trouble.

Did you have strong political beliefs during your youth?
My mother was strongly on the right (conservative) and my father in the center.

Was the choice of becoming a “full time politician” difficult to make?
It was a great pleasure and honour to be elected to the Finnish Parliament because a had a mission: to improve the health care system in Finland.

If you had to describe your political convictions with 5 words…
international co-operation, free-trading, good health care for all citizens and peace.

How could you present The National Coalition Party to our readers who don’t know it?
Kansallinen Kokoomus (Coalition Party Finland) is for all citizens who want to work for freedom and peace and take care of the poor and disables.

As a member of the Parliament, what will be your priorities for the near future?
My priorities are to improve the health care system in Finland.

What are the positive and negative aspects of being a politician?
Positive are the colleagues and people working in the parliament.
Negative is that the conservative party is on the opposition.

Do you consider it as a profession or is it more than that?
I work 100 % as a member of Finnish Parliament.

If you had the possibility to totally change your profession. What would you choose?
I want to work in the Finnish Parliament as well as possible and I am not willing to change to profession.

Why do you think that in Europe people become less and less interested in politics?
I do not think that the European people are less and less interested in politics. I think it is the opposite. We are harmonizing more and more activities in Europe and it needs much work and negotiations.

What are your professional or personal projects for the future?
At the moment I work in the Social- and health committee and Administration committee. And I have also established a group of “Boating and Marine life protection”, which has 20 active members in the Parliament.