When and how was your band created?
I think it was 1994 when we first met, although it took years before we started to make
music together. Kylmä Rinki was formed in 2002 so it’s a very fresh project. We have listened hiphop-music for years now, but our first own tracks were made only last year. Writing has always acted a big role in my life, but for me this is the first music-project I’m involved in. Boxi has been playing various instruments during years, but for him also this is the first more serious music-project.

Where is the name of the band coming from?
Many people think that the name Kylmä Rinki is coming from HBO’s hit tv-series Oz (which is translated Kylmä Rinki in finnish). I’m not sure how many exactly even knows that kylmä rinki (free translation: cold circle) is old (but not very common) term in finnish language. It is used to describe a kinky situation. “When they pointed at me I had a cold circle around my ***hole”, or something like that. We decided to take the name because it is raw enough, it can mean many different things, and most of all it is easy to remember.

What musicians or artists did have a major influence in your life / work?
I have to say that we listen so much different kind of music that it’s impossible to pick just a few influences, but here are some: 2Pac, Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Looptroop, Ritarikunta, Jukkapoika and so on. I think music is everywhere and it has a continuous effect on you. When we hear something interesting it can give us an idea or a vision. Some ideas can be used afterwards in our own tracks.

What are the positive and negative aspects of being a musician / singer (in Finland)?
I’m not sure if we consider ourselves real musicians, but generally we’ve been quite happy so far. Perhaps because we’ve just started our own band and everything is quite new and fascinating for us. We don’t have a record deal. That gives us a total freedom of doing music exactly the way we want to, and when we want to. We enjoy that! We can express ourselves with no limits. But there is also the other side of the coin. If we had a record deal it would make many things easier. I think those things would be mainly non-musical, for example the marketing of new album. But in the near future we have to decide whether we try to get a record deal or not. Then there is ofcourse the everlasting money problem, and especially the lack of it. It would be nice if some day you could do music for living! At the moment it’s not possible. I have my studies, and Boxi has his own things. Those things set a certain limit to our music making.

How could you qualify your style of music?
Our style of making music is quite adventurous. I think we sometimes try such things in our songs that most of the other artists would never even consider trying. Sometimes when you listen the crazier things afterwards you think that “oh my god, what were we thinking”. Usually in  positive way. Although we have more serious songs (and I would like to write more of those), it’s still mainly about chillin and drinking beer. We are both quite easygoing guys.

Have you ever considered the possibilty to change totally your style of music? If so, what style of music would you choose?
For me it’s all about hiphop. One reason could be that I don’t consider myself a very good singer. Boxi (who is also our producer) is a very good singer so he has more options when it comes to different music styles. He has also been in theater projects, and he really enjoys acting. One great thing about modern hiphop is that you can combine it with different music styles, and that’s something we have tried to do.

What is your favorite song in your repertoire and why?
Again it’s hard to pick one song. But if we had to, we would probably go for Laiskottaa (Feeling Lazy) from our newest album. It’s also a nice song to perform live.

Do you tour regularly? Do you actually prefer performing your music live or in a studio?
Definitely live! There’s no competition between live music and studio music. We try to do as many gigs as we can, but at the moment we do only one or two gigs per month. We would like to do more.

During the process of making an album, what is the moment that you prefer?
We enjoy the whole process, but the best moment is when you hold the finished album in your hands.

When you have finished the album you can lay back for a while. The biggest part of the job is therefore done. We’ve noticed that when the album is finished you have to take a little distance from your songs. It takes some time until you are ready to listen those songs again.

What kind of music / What artists do you currently listen?
I’ve been listening swedish hiphop group Looptroop a lot recently. Boxi currently listens Jukkapoika & Kompostikopla and Nirvana.

A stupid question but… what is among all the songs you’ve been listening in your life the BEST song? Why?
Hard to say because there are too many good songs. One of the best for me is 2Pac’s America’s Most Wanted featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg because it was one of the first songs that really hit me. I still enjoy that song.

Internet is something interesting for musicians because it gives them the opportunity to touch a larger audience but it is also a threat for them (regarding the copyrights). What is your opinion regarding this medium?
This is a dilemma that cannot be fully solved. I think that records are too expensive nowadays, so it’s quite obvious that people try to get them as cheap as they can. If the labels won’t reduce the prices they cannot fight against piratism. I don’t mind if someone copies our songs or shares them through the Internet until he starts to sell them.

What are your actual and future projects?
Currently we are planning a Kylmä Rinki longplay. So that’s our main project. And ofcourse we try to do as many gigs as we can.