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Interview : Velcra


When and how was your band created?
Velcra was born in late 1999. Me and OD found each other to be the perfect musical partners, so we started to write songs together.

Was the choice to become professional difficult to make? Why?
Well, no. It's the meaning of life, right?

What musicians or artists did have a major influence in your life / work?
Musically open minded artists, regardless of their musical style. Obviously there are certain artists that have had a huge influence in us such as Nine Inch Nails, System Of A Down, Senser, Manhole, Bj÷rk, Skunk Anansie.

What are the positive and negative aspects of being a musician / singer (in Finland)?
What are the positive and negative aspects of anything in general? Every trade has their ups and downs. Our attitude is that if something bugs us, then we are gonna do something about it. It is important that we know what we want, otherwise we are just going with the flow, and the flow usually goes nowhere.

How could you qualify your style of music?
Well, we started off as an industrial band, and I still regard our music as that. Basically the underlining idea is the combination of rock and electronic music.

Have you ever considered the possibilty to change totally your style of music? If so, what style of music would you choose?
The style takes shape somewhere along the way. Some of it is conscious, some of it is not. It is important for us to keep our music fresh and interesting, so it is possible, even probable, that over the years our music will evolve. Where it will go, I couldn't say yet. Hopefully to some interesting unexplored way.

What are stories/topics you tell/treat in your songs?
In this album the underlying theme is the freedom to think independently and overcoming the personal barriers, which are mostly in our own head, in order to achieve that freedom.

What is your favorite song in your repertoire and why?
That is like asking a mother who is her favourite child. :) Each one of the songs is a piece of my life and is special to me in its own way.

Do you tour regularly? Do you actually prefer performing your music live or in a studio?
Yes we do. We stopped gigging while working on the album, but now that the album is finished we are hitting the road again.
Working in the studio is one thing and gigging is another and I enjoy doing both. Studio work is about paying attention to detail and creating an entity that works on an album. On stage it is about energy, enjoying the moment and creating a party where everybody is having a good time.

During the process of making an album, what is the moment that you prefer?
Making the album was a long and sometimes very tiring process, but at the same time very rewarding. I suppose the best moment is to hear the finished tracks and be happy with what we did and realise how much we learned during that long process.

What kind of music / What artists do you currently listen?
I really love a new band called The Streets. The album is called Original Pirate Material. It has a witty attitude.

What are your actual and future projects?
We are currently touring Finland and will probably be touring more during the following months. We are currently shooting a video for Can't Stop Fighting and the album is out sometime in October. That is all I know for now, the future will show the rest.

A stupid question but... what is among all the songs you've been listening in your life the BEST song?
I wonder how many songs I have heard in my life.? Quite a few. I don't have an all time favourite. Many songs have inpired me and I see no point in trying to put them in any order.

Internet is something interesting for musicians because it gives them the opportunity to touch a larger audience but it is also a threat for them (regarding the copyrights). What is your opinion regarding this medium?
Internet is a great place to find alternative music and interesting bands. The medium is still living its early days, which means that it is poorly organised and poorly utilised. Internet is often seen as a threat, but I think that it could be used for everyone's advantage. If there were good usable sites, where you can find a wide variety of music, it could work as an alternative channel, alongside the traditional radio, tv and press for example. Sites like mp3.com give an idea of what I mean. It allows people to easily find new and interesting bands as well as signed artists, without offending anyones copyrights.

Do you use computers or home studios during the process of making an album or a song?
Of course. I don't think it is possible or of any use to try and make an album nowadays without a computer. Besides I love computers. :)

Interview by Vincent Lefranšois - 2002




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